Sixth AMSec Workshop on State-sponsored Cyber Threats

Defending Against State-Sponsored Cyber Threats

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May 30, 2024
Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP, Schiphol 
From 13.00 – 16:30 + drinks afterwards

With contributions from amongst others:

  • Paul Ducheine is brigadier-general and professor for Cyber Operations and Cyber Security at the Netherlands Defence Academy and a professor in the Law of Cyber Warfare at the University of Amsterdam. As a professor of cyber operations at the Netherlands Defense Academy, he knows all about ‘non-kinetic warfare’: where states attack each other using methods like malware or other cyber weapons.
  • Maarten Vughts is program manager within ASML security office, amongst others the  security alliances program and the insider risk program.
  • Piet Bel is manager external relations at the security office of ASML. He has extensive knowledge of the cyberinformation and knowledge war. He has also contributed to the development of the collaboration of business chains with the Dutch government to increase the cyber resilience of society.
  • Reinder Wolthuis is Program manager partnership for cyber security innovation (PCSI) at TNO and member of the ENISA ad-hoc working group SOC/CSIRT. 
  • Jair Santanna is assistant professor at University of Twente and principal researcher at Northwave. In his role, he explores and deploys cutting-edge technologies, such as ML, AI, Cloud Computing, and Quantum Computing to innovate and automate cybersecurity processes.
  • Hedzer Komduur is Director Safety & Environment & CISO of Schiphol.

The theme of the Sixth AMSec workshop: 

Defending Against State-Sponsored Cyber Threats

Join us for the Sixth AMSec workshop as we delve into the pressing issue of state-sponsored cyber threats. In an era where digital warfare is on the rise, understanding the tactics and motivations of state actors is essential for safeguarding our digital infrastructure. Through expert-led key notes and hands-on panels, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and learn practical strategies to defend against state-sponsored attacks. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your cyber defense capabilities and stay ahead of emerging threats. Register now for the AMSec workshop and secure your spot in the fight against cyber espionage and sabotage. 


13.00 – Coffee and tea

13.30 – Opening

13:35 – Public brainstorm: you are going to engage in a public brainstorm where we will try to find the most important parts of defending against state sponsored cyber threats. What do you think is essential when developing a strategy against state sponsored cyber threats?

13.45 – Keynote 1: Maarten Vughts en Piet Bel (ASML): working together with government & academia to defend against state sponsored attacks

14.15 – Q&A

14:25 – Break

14:45 – Panel: You will have the opportunity to observe an interactive panel discussion discussing the role of government, industry and academia regarding state sponsored cyber threats from different perspectives . With amongst others Reinder Wolthuis (TNO), Jair Santanna (University of Twente)  and others (t.b.a.) 

15:45 – Keynote 2: The perspective of Paul Ducheine (UvA) on defending against state-sponsored cyber threats

16.15 – Q&A and synthesis 

16.20 – Announcements regarding AMSec and the cybersecurity community

16:30 – Closing remarks and drinks!

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