NWO Gravitation: 21.5 million euros for ‘Challenges in Cyber Security’

3 AMSec partners among the 5 co-PIs

‘Challenges in Cyber Security’ is one of seven research projects that received an NWO Gravitation grant this year. The project has the impressive sum of 21.5 million euros attached.

The ‘Challenges in Cyber Security’ project brings together top researchers from the hard sciences in the cyber security field. In the words of Minister Dijkgraaf (Education, Culture and Science), places the research among ‘the world’s scientific top’. Three of the 5 PIs and 12 additional researchers who are cooperating in this project are also in AMSec.

The project is one of seven research projects that received an NWO Gravitation grant this year. Under the rubric of this project, a team of more than thirty cyber security researchers is ready to rebuild cyber security on new solid foundations. Tanja Lange of TU/e is leading the project, in cooperation with Lejla Batina (RU), Herbert Bos (VU), Marten van Dijk (CWI & VU) and Christian Schaffner (UvA). 

AMSec PIs:

Herbert Bos (VU)

Marten van Dijk (CWI + VU)

Christian Schaffner (UvA)

Other PIs

Tanja Lange (TU/e) – Main PI

Lejla Batina (RU)

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