Fifth AMSec Workshop: Security and AI

How do we unite cybersecurity and artificial intelligence?

October 12, 2023
Science Park 125, 1098 XG, Amsterdam
Seminar room: Turing Room
From 13.30 – 16:30 + drinks afterward

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With contributions from amongst others:

Marten van Dijk is professor of Secure and Intelligent Computing at VU University and Group Lead Computer Security at CWI. As a computer security researcher, he investigates and develops new techniques targeting solutions of foundational security problems. He focuses on the intersection of security and machine learning and how machine learning can provide reliable and robust intelligence.

Stjepan Picek, associate professor in the Digital Security (DiS) group at Radboud University, studies the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Combining those fields, he specializes in implementation attacks (side-channel analysis, fault injection) and security of machine learning.

Walco Sibbel, major account manager at Palo Alto Networks, is involved in the latest developments of the industry regarding cybersecurity and AI and can connect industry demand with the latest technical developments.

The theme of the workshop:

How do we unite cybersecurity and artificial intelligence?

Kaitai Lang joined the Cybersecurity group at Delft University of Technology in 2020. Before joining TU Delft, he was an Assistant Professor in Secure Systems at the University of Surrey, UK, and an academic member of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security. He received his PhD degree in computer science from Department of Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong. With over 11 years experiences on cybersecurity R&D, his main focus is on the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols to security.

Joep Gommers, founder & CEO at EclecticIQ (threat intelligence, hunting and response)

Paul Timmers Research Associate Oxford University & Ex European Commission

AI and Cybersecurity

How do AI and cybersecurity relate to each other? And what grant vision do we have for the application of AI on cybersecurity and the cybersecurity of AI? In this workshop we will explore the topic ‘AI and cybersecurity’ from a hardware, software and policy perspective. The workshop involves inspiring key notes and an interactive panel discussion. There will be a lively discussion and interaction with the audience with key representatives from both industry, academia and government.


13.30: Opening

13:35 – Public brainstorm: you are going to engage in a public brainstorm where we will try to find a common definition of AI & Cybersecurity. What do you think is the essence of security by design?

13.45 – Keynote 1: Marten van Dijk.

Marten van Dijk. IEEE Fellow, professor of Secure and Intelligent Computing at VU University and Group Lead Computer Security at CWI.

14.15 – Q&A

14:25 – Break

14:45 – Panel: You will have the opportunity to observe an interactive panel discussion discussing the role of government, industry and academia regarding cybersecurity and artificial intelligence from different perspectives . With amongst others Stjepan Picek (Radboud University) , Walco Sibbel (Palo Alto Networks), Kaitai Lang (TU-Delft), and Paul Timmers (Oxford University).

15:45 – Keynote 2: Joep Gommers.

Joep Gommers. Founder & CEO at EclecticIQ (threat intelligence, hunting and response)


16.15 – Q&A and synthesis.

16:30 – Closing remarks and drinks!

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